Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Simple Pleasures

Burying my nose in a soft two year old's neck as she affectionately hugs my head, and giving it a smooch.

The pure beauty of age four, with spiraling curls, perfect skin, bright eyes, squeezy limbs, and belly laughs.  

A perfectly mixed cup of hot good coffee when you are thirsty for it. 

The narrow window between the last "Mooooooommm!!!" from the kid's room and where weariness starts to lay heavy on my limbs, where I can sit on the couch and eat food and watch Netflix all to my very own self.  

A big cup of cold iced tea when I'm thirsty.  

A two hour fog delay on a morning after a night I've been up a lot with a child.

A fire in the pellet stove on a cold day.

Teva flipflops, fuzzy pants, and and my warm bathrobe.

Age nine, with a face sprinkled with freckles, soft thick hair, and a wide smile.

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