Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Caroline is tromping happily about in red sparkly shoes with kitten heels, calling "Hoohhnneeeee?"  She is calling Layla.  The two of them like to play Mommy and Baby, and Caroline is the mommy and calls her baby "honey".  Layla likes a chance to be the baby, I think.  They also like to play Mama Kitty and Baby Kitty.  oh my goodness.

Another one of the things Caroline says that I love is, "Oh, fine."  She says this in all sorts of inflections, from cheerful agreement, to reluctant acquiescence.   So sometimes it's chirpy - "Oh, fine!!" (smiley and quick) and sometimes it's "Ohhhhh, fiiiiiinnnee" (slumped shoulders, dragging feet).

I am loving summer and it's lazy days.  It's properly hot and the kids spend plenty of time thrashing happily around in the pool in the back yard.  Yesterday I was hanging up clothes on the line and listening to my three boys and three neighbor boys playing so boisterously and boyishly in the water that it made my heart smile.  They were so intensely being action figures and involved in their game, and I just loved them for it.

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