Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Disney Memories

Israel: (flatly, while watching his fourth night of Disney fireworks) I am not amazed.

Aubrey:  (animatedly, while watching the same fireworks) I feel SO SORRY for all the people who are NOT watching this!!!

Layla: (handing me a shirt to turn right-side out) I know it's long sleeves, but I want to wear it anyways because it looks cool.  Sometimes I want to look pretty and sometimes I want to look cool.  When I want to look cool I put on my black sparkly shirt and my black sparkly pants and my black sparkly boots and I get my pink purse and I put my phone in my purse.  And then I look really cool.

Aubrey:  (who loves Caroline, and stuck closely to her side, conspiratorially to me while I was getting Caroline dressed) I am good at helping Caroline. I bet you are glad we are staying in the same room since I am so good at helping.  (I was indeed. ;)  )

Aubrey:  (with innocent relish as we were leaving for Magic Kingdom) I think I know a little bit more about Disney than you...because I saw Disney on ice...just a little bit more...I think.  (trailed off a little uncertainly)

Layla: Mom, can I have a golden?  (A rolo from her "treasure bag" after a St. Patrick's Day activity arranged by Melody.)


The warm soft air, the perfect temperature of pool water, the music playing from the speakers, the palm trees blowing in the breeze.  I was immediately over winter and full on ready for summer.

Caroline's delighted chatter on the rides at Magic Kingdom.

Layla being in a surly funk almost the entire day after looking forward to Disney for an entire year.  The combo of walking, heat, tiredness, and over-stimulation was just decidedly NOT her friend.  She has eagerly anticipated Disney for an entire year, but the reality was TOO MUCH for her.  Her favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear, and she chose a Little Mermaid necklace and matching clip-on earrings as souvenirs.

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