Sunday, February 7, 2016

Little Peoples and Their doings

Me to Gabe as he is heading out the door:  Don't you need a coat?

Gabe:  No - I'm wearing two shirts.  (Pause.)  I don't have a rip in my pants, so that takes care of that.

Goes out the door.  

Blink.  Aaaalllllrighty then.


Israel: (pauses in playing air guitar to music) Mom!!  Does this (mimics guitar playing) make my muscle up here look strong?

Me: (pauses to carefully examine slight muscle ridge)  Yep!  

Israel:  joyfully bounces up to the mirror to strum his imaginary guitar to his heart's content

He's such an enthusiastic kid.  I love it.

Here are the two of them making brownies today.
I had two brownie boxes and they each decided to make one.  Gabe loftily told Israel that his (Israel's) was "way more complex" (which Gabe did not seem to think was worth the effort) and Israel cheerfully informed him that he (Israel) "obviously did not care".

They are genuinely good buddies and get along very well.  They have complementing personalities.


Poor baby Caroline.  She has been a miserable mess of fuss.  She was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, and girlfrien' ain't feelin' good.

Thank goodness for the Ergo.  Today she wanted the hood part up over the side of her face and went straight to sleep.
 You can see on the fridge that we made some Valemtimes for Valemtime's Day.  Or, rather, Israel, Zion, and Layla did.  Gabe was too busy reading.  

Mr. Reader Pants.

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