Saturday, October 5, 2013


The evening tonight was just GORGEOUS; the air was perfect and warm and dry and all the kids were out playing and someone somewhere was grilling steak that smelled delicious and the high school football stadium beside our house was setting up for a game and music was playing over the speakers and people were out and around for a parade.

At our house, Gabe was busy hanging up signs to advertise his clubhouse tree.  He is VERY excited about his club.

I find this clubhouse behavior just irresistibly sweet.  

Layla and Zion and Israel were playing with the chalk road on the sidewalk.

Layla dancing to the music from the football game next door.


37 weeks pregnant over here.  Do I look tired?  I am.  This is the first week that has been this hard.  I've been struck with third-trimester insomnia, and then got a two-day stomach bug these past few days that TOTALLY wiped me out.  NO FUN AT ALL.  Also have had a lot more Braxton-Hicks this week - not that they mean anything.  Was not dilated at my doctor's appointment.  Ahhhhh, bummer.  Baby looked great on the biophysical, so that was good news.  Guess she can just hang out for a good while still.  Wide eyes.  Today I was laying around feeling tired, and suddenly decided - Ok.  I'm done.  She can come anytime.  Projects schmojects.  Not that such decisions will do anything...but I'm just announcing that I'm officially ready.

Layla LOVES to help her daddy wash his car.  She always runs inside for a rag so that she can "help" whenever he starts.

I saw these little toes all curled the other night when she was doing a coloring project on Tim's Ipad, and had to run to get my camera. :)

Skinned knees from tonight, although you can barely see them.


Look at the little surprise I found in this picture when I was going through and editing. :)


  1. Carrie I simply LOVE your posts. They are so full of life and love. Seems only yesterday that I was in your shoes with lots of little ones running around and being preg. Wishing you well and a speedy delivery.
    That last picture could win some contest. Love the way the sun in shining on that sweet face.

    1. Thanks, Polly!! I know, isn't that little face just precious! :)

  2. Love reading your posts and seeing your beautiful children as they grow.

  3. beautiful poem, carrie! I love that last picture and the one of layla dancing to the music. miss you already and wish I could be there to spend time with you and have my kids play with yours. Love you, Carmen