Monday, September 30, 2013

The Mans and the MoHogs

One conversation I have a lot with Zion is about where people live, and where they get their food from.  For instance, he is quite convinced that construction workers live at the site where they are working.  And he is confused about where they manage to find food.  Lately he seems to be warming to the concept that people in stores do not in fact LIVE there, but they have their own houses to sleep in and from which they bring their own food to work to eat.  But still the concept lingers, that working people live where they work.

For his birthday, one of the gifts I gave Zion was a ninja costume that is, at this point, actually too big for him.  This afternoon, he was trying on the belt that velcro's around his waist, with a little flap of cloth hanging down from the front.  "Mom," he said excitedly to me, "Mom!! This fits me!!"  He looked down at his waist happily.  "Mom, I look like one of those mans that lives at a restaurant!"  :)  Like a waiter with an apron.  This apparently was a very good thing to him.


Zion just climbed out of the tub, where he fashioned a "mohawk" for himself by slicking his hair in and up with gel.  "Mom?" he keeps asking me happily, "Mom?  Do I still have my mo-hog??"

A bit ago he informed me that he didn't need his mohog anymore and wondered how he was going to get the jello out of his hair.  :D


Zion also has lots of questions where he asks if things are "real" - because life contains so many stories and fictions mixed with realities that a barely-five year old can have trouble keeping them all straight.  "Are superheroes real?  Is God real?  Is Santa Claus real?  Is Disney World real?"

Yesterday, he asked me twice "Mom?  Is banana bread real?"

Yes, Virginia.  There IS a banana bread.  Somewhere.  That I would like to very much to eat right now.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, Melissa. I am very serious when I say that I am so sorry that no one has affirmed this truth to you until the present time. Banana bread should be a magical reality in the life of ANY human, and I hope from this point on your life is filled with much, much banana bread joy.

  2. SO cute! I can't stand the funny things kids come up with.
    Yesterday Seth was looking at the Jesus in our stained glass windows and asked me why God wasn't wearing any shoes! LOL

    You made me laugh with your song of a comment today!

  3. Love reading your writings about your kids. Zion wondering what things are real reminds me of when Lee was little and he had seen something scary on TV and I told him it was just pretend. He agreed confidently, "Yeah, it's just b tend." Then his eyes got real big and he said "but sometimes it's b real." Just couldn't stop laughing. Love the things little kids say!

    1. Becky - haha!! :) That's a great kid comment!!

  4. Love that mohog! One of my kids used to think Walmart employees lived there, and would ask where they slept. Good luck getting the jello out of the hair.