Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Grandma Week

What would the world do without Mom's??  It was soooooooooooooooo nice to have my mom around for a little over a week as she made us food, washed clothes, helped with the kids, etc.  Huge sigh of relief.  So relieved that I wondered if I would cry again when she left like I did the very first time she came out to help when Gabe was born and I bawled my head off when she drove away. :)  But she left early early early in the morning before we were up, so I didn't have to find out.  Just today, though, Tim was saying "Maybe your mom could come back for another week!!" ;) as he was talking about how hard it is to get the very basic things accomplished when you have a fussy little baby on your hands.

Mom brought the three boys their birthday presents when she came this time, and a little something for Layla too.  There was frenzied tearing of paper and attaining of presents.

Caroline at 2 days old.

Projects with the Gram.

Caroline and her enraptured fan club.  :)

Baby girl needs cuddles.  I came out the first? morning home to find Layla and Grandma snuggling.  Layla had pink-eye and was just starting to get sick with her cold.

Life is full of tasks and needs right now with this many littles.

Caroline at 3 days old.

A helper sister watching Caroline get her picture taken.

Caroline seems SO TINY!!  She's finally starting to grow into her skin these days.

She requires lots of shoulder time.

Israel with Caroline.

Snoozes on the couch.  I've been letting her sleep on the couch during the day, just to help distinguish nights and days, and to hopefully encourage night-time sleep.  At two weeks old, she does really well, actually, sleeping at night.

Israel turned 7 while his Grandma was here.  He was DELIGHTED to FINALLY be celebrating his birthday after waiting through his Daddy's birthday in August, and Gabe and Zion's birthdays in September.  He requested beans and rice and hotdogs and doritos and cucumbers for his birthday supper, and wanted to help make the beans and rice, and ice his cake, which he wanted to be chocolate with half chocolate icing and half "vanilla" (I used cream cheese) icing

Tim picked up Spider Man plates for the table, and Spider Man masks all around.  :)

Caroline's first sink bath as per tradition given by Grandma.

She was very bright-eyed after her bath.

Israel exclaiming excitedly over the cuteness of his sister.

Gabe LOVES to hold Caroline, and is very tender with her.

This was the first time Zion had held Caroline, and he sat a long time with her on his lap, and was very loving with her.

Boys hard at work playing with Legos.  They all got a small Lego set for their birthday this year.

Miss Layla Crazy Face.

Grandma and Layla watching the school buses go by.

More couch sleep.

This is how much hair Caroline has.

Grandaddy arrived on the following Saturday.  Here he is working on Israel's guitar.

Holding grandbaby number 6.

Ms. Noodle.  I told Mom that this is what we eat when she leaves.  ;)

Layla looooves her baby sister.

Caroline at 10 days old.


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