Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I turned 38 on January 7.  This is me, using my selfie stick called my arms.

I did a whole lot of nothing for my birthday and it was just 100% fine with me.  I was still recovering from doing the whole drive a million hours in the car bit from Christmas and I didn't even have enough motivation to go buy myself a delicious cake to stab candles into.  Ennhh.  Maybe next month.  Unenergized shrug.  It was a perfectly fine Thursday. :)

I like this one too, except I think my neck looks....strange.  That's what happens when you are holding a two year old with one of your selfie sticks and a big heavy camera with the other one.

Caroline helping to scrub the table the other night.

She scrubbed dutifully while resting her cheek on her hand.

Here's Baby Friend lovingly embracing her stuffed bowling pins.

Zion...he's been having a rough time of it this month, we think related to a strep virus.

He's taken a lot of extra TLC and ONYDM (oh no you don't, Mister) and focus this month.  He mostly quit writing at school entirely for a while; now after antibiotics and trying some different things he is doing a lot better.  I also bought him a pair of these new socks so that we could be done with the sensory meltdowns in the mornings every morning about his socks not being comfortable. These socks are like my valuable possession that I carefully keep track of and wash every night.

Wrasslin' brothers.  These two were having a time of gleeful cackling.

We had a proper snow this past week.  (I said that in an English accent in case you didn't hear it.  I've been watching Call the Midwife lately, so everything has a tinge of Bri-ish accent to it in my head these days.)  Storm Jonas.

We had a nice long weekend of stay home-edness, where I cleaned and rearranged things with great energy and vigor.  LOVED having a big block of time where I had time and energy to get things accomplished.  I got all KINDS of things accomplished and still feel quite quite pleased with myself.  :)

The only thing annoying about getting lots of things organized is that I seem to only be able to do things in blocks.  I can organize, or I can cook lots of delicious things, or I can be creative and write.  I have trouble mixing these things all together.  I like all of them, but they seem to squeeze each other out of my days.

This is my baby monkey who likes to wrap her arms around my neck and just chill.

She is so dear and precious and dear and sweet and universally adored by all of these peoples that live in this house.

Raspberry fingers.

Off to do laundry.  Cheerio!

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