Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I got to see my friend Carmen this week.

Carmen and I were best friends from 6th grade on up, and attended the same school and church and have spent hours of our lives together.  We ended up marrying guys were good friends with each other and who grew up together in IN, and both of us couples got married within one week of each other.  We both have 5 kids, and we are both nurses.  She and her family are home for a year from living in North Africa, and I took full advantage of that fact to zip home to VA to spend a day with her.

We met in the morning at a park to let our kids get to know each other a little bit.  They have met before but it's been a long time.  The amount of children walking down the path together made me sort of blink in astonishment.  :D

We left all the kids home in the evening with appreciated caregivers and spent several more hours eating Middle Eastern food, going for icecream, and doing lots of catching up.  It was marvelous.

She is an old friend who is truly a heart friend.

"To be with old friends is very warming and comforting."

The greatest sweetener of human life is friendship. Joseph Addison
Virginia was so pretty.  As usual.  I had to stop and take this picture of this field of Queen Anne's Lace.  It always calls to me. :)  

While I was taking this picture, three deer sauntered out casually onto the road in front of me.  


Another adventure.  Ahem. 

Gabe was shooting cans off of the front porch with a BB gun, and one of the BB's hit the can, spun it around, and then ricocheted off to introduce itself to the back window of the van.  Such a friendly little BB.  Gabe was rather horrified, but hey.  Accidents happen and that one very likely will not repeat itself.

I took our van to Windshield City in Harrisonburg and they won my eternal loyalty by not only replacing the glass cheaply and pronto, but also vacuuming my entire van, travel crumbs, trash and all.  Customer service award, consider yourself won.  


Cute people in my life.  

Brothers and babies.

Girlfriends who love their accessories. 

Six year old boys who climb trees.


Who love their babies.

Birthday lists.

Babies who type diligently after their baths.  This is quite dear.

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