Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fake Flowers and Bubbly Skies

"Can you take a picture of me with my wand and my fake flowers?" she asked me hopefully, and settled into a pose with great satisfaction.

It rained hard last night and the sky was so pretty and bubbly.

Zion was thrashing around outside with his sword and yellow boots, hoping to splash in the rain puddles left behind.

Gabe couldn't resist the lure of the puddles either.  I think this picture makes it look like they are dancing a jig back to back. :D

Here is my house, at dusk, after the rain.  In case you are interested.  Because I am.

Today Layla was busy with her tape measure, measuring her patient and willing sister.  "Mom!! Look at Caroline!! She is getting big!!"  She looks at me delightedly.  Caroline's face as she stands there being measured as a big girl is masked delight, with her tongue tucked into her cheek and her eyes hopping around, trying not to smile.

Today Zion and Layla each had one of Caroline's cars that she rides inside, and they were careening toward her, yelling like wild Injuns. She just stood there with an expression flickering between indignation and preoccupation on her face, looking back and forth, and back and forth between them, trying to decide who to squawk her baby dissatisfaction at first.  "MY CAR!!!" her screech finally announced.
Yesterday I took Gabe to get his school shopping done.  I am taking them one at a time, so that it's less overwhelming and a special time for each of them. Gabe is very non-particular in his choices, in that he doesn't care a lot about colors or which notebooks he gets, etc.  He had to choose multiple composition books, and only chose one that had a decoration, and that was a Star Wars one.  His other specific request was that he get a pair of Skechers shoes.  His tasty treat of choice was a bacon, egg, and cheese wrap from Dunkin Donuts, along with a boston creme donut.

Today I took little Zion.  He was eagerly anticipating his turn.  Besides school essentials, our significant purchases included a collection of Jurassic World socks and another of Star Wars socks.  He chose one Minions folder and one Batman folder.  He also longed for and received a package of Juicy Fruit gum, and one extra-small Coke on the way home.

Israel and I are going tomorrow, and it's going to take longer, because we are going secondhand shopping to try to find him some pants.

I sure do like mine childrens.

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