Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Grandma Love

Zion and Layla are eating at the table. Layla asks for a drink.  I go to the cupboard and get out her purple Dora cup.

Layla: (with great satisfaction)  That's my Dora cup.

Zion:  Mommy, did you give Layla that Dora cup or did Grandma give Layla that Dora cup?

Me:  I gave it to her.  (Wondering if this will be renounced, as Grandma gets all the credit around here for all the beloved clothes and items.)

Layla takes her cup happily and drinks as I return to get Zion a drink. 

Zion:  Layla, do you like Mommy better or Grandma better?

Layla: (immediately) G'amma.  (She puts down her cup and goes back to work on her taco.)

Zion:  (conversationally) Would you rather live with Mommy or would you rather live with Grandma?  Grandma has room for you...

His mother grins widely over by the refrigerator.  The conversation gets distracted with other activity going on, but later on when I quizzed her, she stated that yes, she wanted to live at Grandma's house, but with Mommy there with her.  Well, we win some, we lose some... ;)

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