Thursday, June 26, 2014


Just...kickin' back...feet up...arms behind my head...big yawn...and now down come the legs I gotta go get the baby because she's awake and Layla needs some more medicine or probiotic for her stomach and Zion needs a good slathering of hydrocortisone and I need to unpack from our trip and pick up the house and make some supper but I'm so tired because I've been up so much with Layla during the night and oh look Tim is going to be gone for the evening.  This is my today.

Gabe is very much in a selling mood.  He is hawking all kinds of wares right and left, and had a tablecloth spread out in the yard the other day in high hopes of selling to passersby.  His brothers end up being his main clientele.  I think he is wanting to raise money to put towards his DS - his mother has finally relented to using some money the boys received this past Christmas to purchase used Nintendos and they are all aflutter with excitement. Zion's arrived today, much to the enjoyment of the Fed Ex man, who couldn't help but laugh as the boys swarmed with excitement around him, calling me and crowing their delight.  :)

Gabe: "This is what would be lucky: if someone invented a $1,000 lemonade and it was really good, and then they had 15 customers. That would be a lot of money." I think the boy is on to something here...

All this salesmanship can be a bit inspiring...

Can we all just appreciate for a minute how "it will" is spelled?  Melt a mama's heart, why don't ya, kid...??

Something about babies that makes me smile:  Today Caroline was fussy, so I went into her room to put her down for her nap, turned on the fan, and as I am sitting down to nurse her, she makes a sleepy "nneennhh" and rubs her eyes and I distractedly say, "Ok, sweeter," and she jerks in surprise and looks at me like "Oh!! It's you!!" and gives me a tired smile.  Babies are funny that way.

Or the other week, I was nursing her to sleep at night and she is nursing and sort of sleepily getting herself to sleep, looking around, patting my chest or rubbing my arm, and I made a small noise, cleared my throat or something and she jumps in shock and looks at me like "Where did YOU come from??!"  Haha!!  :D  I remember the other kids doing that as babies too and it has always amused me.  I'm an incidental piece of the nursing experience.

Someone had used these GORGEOUS, MASSIVE...hydrangeas?? Is that what they are?? At church today and sent them home with us.  BEAUTIFUL.


Zion obtaining a hat and gloves to fish popsicles out of the freezer on the back porch. :D

My indulgent family gathering around the computer to eat popcorn and watch a slideshow of the year 2011 that I got a bee in my bonnet to make and worked OBSESSIVELY on until it was completed...and then went into panic mode when I thought I had accidentally erased it after hours of work.  :D  You know, the whole nature of computer based projects...

Pile o' happy.

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