Monday, June 23, 2014


Layla: (turns to look meditatively at what she has deposited in her baby toilet, and says with satisfaction) That is like a present.

Tim: (with definite disagreement) No, I think that is like poop.

Layla:  (disagrees) No, it is.


Zion: (startling, and staring with mild alarm at Tim's pants, whose pockets hold his cell-phone which had just emitted a bird-like tweet signaling a notification)  Dad.  There's a bird in your pants.


Tim:  (driving on the interstate talking to Israel in the passenger seat)  Look!  There's a dead deer!

Israel:  (eagerly)  Oh!  Yeah!

(Two seconds later)

Tim:  Look!  There's a dead raccoon!

Israel:  (astonished) Oh! Yeah!  (Pauses)  Did they kill each other?!

Tim:  (instantly cracks up)  No!!!  Somebody hit them with their cars!!


Zion:  How do the stars get in the sky?

Carrie:  God put them there a long time ago.

Zion: When it gets night, does he grab stars out of a basket...a treasure chest...a box...or his pocket, and when no one is looking, he goes out in space and puts them there??  Is that how it happens??

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