Tuesday, September 8, 2015


At some point during the deep quiet of 
the night


we are joined in our bed by a third party

who wiggles her way to comfort 
between the two of us

tossing and turning
occasionally fussing
stretching out horizontally in a 
bed made for two
digging her feet into our ribs in a 
sleep dazed frustration that seeks to 
find foot space

I turn her gently
and she is sucked magnetically into 
my side
pulling my arm over her in a gentle 
burying her head in the space under
my chin
her bright soft curls against my face

Her breathing evens and slows
and I lay quietly on the 1/6th of the
bed that remains my my own
And wait for sleep to reclaim me

(can you see the doll tucked into bed on our floor?)
So, the little people are back at school as of August 25. 
The boys weren't totally sure if they should be excited or not, except for Zion.  He was excited.  'Cause, hey.  First grade, baby!!  Real school!! :)

Walking in on the first day.  Since I need to document all of the things.

Gabe's fifth-grade homeroom class.
At their school, middle school starts in fifth grade, so he starts out in homeroom and then switches classes throughout the day.  He also has the quintessential locker. :)  

Israel's third grade class, with Ms. Miller.

Zion's first grade class, with Mrs. Isaacs.

I thought I would come home and have a peaceful and productive morning, since - two little girls!!  Peace and productivity, right??  Yeah...Layla decided to throw the Mother of All That Is Tantrum for about an hour as my ears cringed.  Finally, the Wise Mother casually suggested a walking trip to the nirvana known as Dunkin Donuts...and things quickly simmered down from there.  Not right away, mind you, but the light started to shimmer at the end of the tunnel and soon there was all this clothes changing and shoe finding and tiara placing and we were on our way, all smiles all around.
The cat tail. It makes me happy.

On our way to get out the door, Tim asked Layla if she wanted him to take her or if she wanted me to take her. "Mom," she promptly responded.

"Does that mean you like Mom more than you like me??" he gently teased her.

"No." another prompt response. "I like you more than I like Mom."  This evoked hearty mirth from both parentals.  Goober girl.

And while we're throwing in pictures of cute people...
Oh. my. word.

Here's that cute person sitting by the front door combing her stuffed kitty.

Israel broke his right arm during the first week of school.  He was "racing his bike with Zion and I had just reached top speed and I looked up and the minivan was right in front of me and I didn't have time to turn."  He put his arm out to stop, and that was the arm that was broken.  He cried and cried and didn't stop crying, and although he could move his arm at first, it quickly was too painful to move much at all, so I made a sling out of a scarf and we went quickly to the ER, where they xrayed it and found it to be broken.  

They applied a big, bulky, temporary splint that has since been changed out with a softer, smaller black wrist brace.  
He has had very little pain after the first two days. 

Here's the dent in the back of the van.  It makes me very glad that his head was ok and he just had a broken arm!!

A recent Portrait of the Mother, as illustrated by Layla.  I think it's quite a good likeness,

The kids wanted to light these candles the other morning, as I was getting a slower start to my day after a late night talking with our friend Alexis.  It's fun to talk late into the night. We were talking about personality tests and love languages, neither of which we can ever figure out for Tim.  He decided that his love languages are:

soft boiled eggs

This made me laugh, which everything after 12 AM does anyways.  :D

There you go.  The bandaid papers all over the floor, the grocery bags, the discarded underwear that was probably being a hat, the finger up the nose, the bandaids carefully applied by a loving sister, and the patient patient. :)  This is life.


  1. Life with kids is the best. The most demanding, the hardest, but the best and the most rewarding.
    Congrats, Carrie, you are doing it right! All the best and keep the good work!

    1. Thanks, Raluca!! :) (Sorry!! Just saw your comment now!)