Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Summer

The days fly by and the baby, she grows, and children laugh and play and their limbs lengthen and the days are long and full and the mama, she never gets around to writing any of it down and that's too bad because then she forgets it.  Due to her old age and her many many children. ;)

I read somewhere recently that it takes 7 years for your brain to return to all of it's former glory after having a baby.  So I still have a foggy 5 1/2 to find my way through.

Today I thought about blogging and my choices were between washing the dishes, blogging, and calling my mom.  I called my mom.  Because I like the mom the best.  :)


This morning the munchkins were on a rampage.  I found them in a most delighted state of being busily shredding foam packaging into the millions of tiny round particles it returns to on my freshly vacuumed bedroom carpet.  I was not terribly delighted, myself, and sent the instigator on a Most Splendid adventure called "VACUUM ALL THE THINGS".  He doesn't mind to clean up his messes.  Besides...ain't no mama got time for that!! ;)

Every child loves to get mail.  Even if it's mail addressed to their mother, sender name of "Junk".  It all warms a kiddie's heart.  

Warm red Pooh hats help keep a summer toasty and delightful, in case you're interested.


I have recently discovered the joy that is warm toasted croissants slathered with Nutella.  My friends.  You must.


The summer is zipping by.  It's so good and I love it.  This summer I have intentionally kept items stocked for sandwiches, cereal, and Ramen, because the Mama gots PROJECTS to get accomplished!!! I feel like I am still catching up from having Caroline, truthfully.

The kids have spent lots of time in our backyard "pool", I have hung plenty of loads of laundry out to dry in the sun.  The summer has been HOT and HUMID with plenty of rain, and the occasional stretch of really perfect, gorgeous, not too humid days with blue skies and soft breezes.  We've had two trips to VA and one big one to IN and then OH.  Have I recorded any of that for future memories?? No I have not.  Giving myself a stern shake of the head.


Freakishly, I am almost completely caught up on both dishes AND laundry right now.  I'm looking around suspiciously to see what may fall out of the sky in another freak occurrence of nature.


Like all my other kids, Caroline has mostly dropped her afternoon nap already. She is 22 months.  I can get her to take one if I drive her around in the minivan, but then she is up at night past 9 PM for however long she slept.  Soooo...I vote for keeping her up in the afternoon and putting her to bed at 8 PM.  Often she will sleep in in the mornings and I think that sort of becomes her "nap".


All of the rain this summer has made my garden grow nicely.  It makes my heart happy.

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