Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Going to Bed Flurry

Ahhh, the Going To Bed Flurry.

Comprised of approximately 14,785 steps between five children consisting of Oldest Son hurriedly eating about six bowls of cold supper, everyone searching for a snack, locating exactly. the correct sleepwear for those of us inclined toward lengthy and decibel-blasting mental and emotional breakdowns over such things as the wrong sleepwear, slow meandering strolls to get teeth brushed, finding the perfect book or book combinations, reminders to go potty, finding flashlights/fans/whateverrrrrrrsss (can you tell the mother is starting to wear out here), fixing blankets just so for those of us inclined toward lengthy and decibel-blasting mental and emotional breakdowns over such things as misaligned blankets, taking old cups of water away, assisting with new fresh clean sparkling cups in a just so manner that does not cross invisible boundaries in the mine field of tantrum land, answering 4,315 questions between four children, many of which go along the lines of "Mom?!!!?  MOM!!??  MOM!!!!!  Ummmmmmm........I.....Mom.  Mom.", saying prayers over those that request them, also with the right combination of words - "Did you pray for a good night of sleep and for good dreams??  I didn't hear you pray for good dreams.", and giving and receiving sweet smooches and tight hugs that aim the occasional child chin into the mother eye.  

Then coming out to deal with the cheery chirp who is in the in-between stage of needing a nap/needing to drop a nap in order to go to bed at a decent and parental-sanity-conservationing time.
'Cause for real, ya'll, the edges of the ol' sanity feel a little frayed sometimes.  In the nighttime.  When all good children should be fast asleep and yours is still wandering out to catch a hopeful glimpse of the television.

Right now, the kids are all restricted to two trips out and two "MOOOOMMM!!!!'s"....or else.  One doesn't want to see what lies beyond that ragged, twitching line of a mother's goodwill.  I get very cranky and barky and yell-y as that line is broached.  Particularly if I happen to be doing the evening solo.

Soon they will all be lying snug in their beds, cozy and asleep, and the house will be quietly humming with white noise, and the Evening Peace and Relaxation will descend, and I shalt call it bless-ed. :)

(Life is bless-ed too when all five kids are awake, but we'll just all recognize that a break is nice in any setting you may choose.)

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