Sunday, November 16, 2014


I brought Caroline and Layla with me tonight to a friend's house for supper and to discuss children's church, and on the way home, it was bedtime and Caroline went from displeased to very displeased and cried and cried and cried and could not be soothed with toys or her lighted mirror or me talking to her from the front seat.  "Ma ma ma!!" she cried, which is how she calls for me.  Finally, I painstakingly reached back behind my seat with one hand to her seat, which was situated directly behind mine, and touched her wildly flailing warm hand covered with tears, and gently rested my hand against her teary cheek - and she immediately and completely quieted and stayed quiet the rest of the ride home, with an occasional tentative exploratory pat of my hand.  I think she must not fully realize that I am still there when she can't see me, and it was very endearing to me how much a touch from her mama meant to her.


"Can I have dees much?  Can I have dees much?"  Layla holds up a baggie with about 10 M&M's remaining.  "Can I have all dees muches?"

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